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 Zoran Pažin, Minister of Justice

Saša Matić


Name: Zoran Pažin
Date of birth: August 29, 1966.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law – University of Belgrade, Serbia.
He has passed the bar examination before the Commission of the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro in Podgorica.

Professional Development
- National Center for State Courts, Williamsburg, Wirginia, USA ( court managment and administrative of courts)
- Basic Training for Mediators in District Court in Ljubljana,Slovenia
- Advanced Training Mediators (Save the Children UK)
- Training for Trainers of Mediators (Republic of slovenia, EU)
- Basic Training of Transaction Analysis (Save the Children UK)

Work experience:
- Legal experience gained working as a trainee and an associate in the Municipal Court in Danilovgrad and the Basic Court in Pljevlja
- Elected as Judge of the Basic Court in Podgorica in 2000
- 2002/2003 President of Civil Department in Basic Court in Podgorica
- 2002/2003 Deputy President of the Basic Court in Podgorica
- 2001/2003 Member of Executive Board of Association of Judges of Montenegro
- 2003/2004 Secretary General of Association of Judges of Montenegro
- 2004/2009 President of the Basic Court in Podgorica
- Member of the Managing Board of the Centre for Mediation of Montenegro since 2007
- Chief Mediator since 2005
- Trainer for mediators since 2006
- Lecturer at the Centre for Judicial Training of Montenegro
- Lecturer at the "School of Human Rights" and "Democracy School" of the Centre for Civic Education in Podgorica
- Lecturer and Associate of the Centre for Democracy and Human Rights, Podgorica, and AIRE Centre from London, as well as many other national and international organisations, whose goal is affirmation of the rule of law, strengthening the independence and impartiality of the judiciary, raising the legal awareness of citizens and promotion of ethical principles and justice as a source of law
- Representative of Montenegro before European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg in the period 2009-2015
- Substitute member of Venice Commission
- Member of Steering Committee for Human Rights of Council of Europe (CDDH) since 2012
- He has been Minister of Justice since March 2015
Civil society:
- 2008/2012 Vice President of the Association of Lawyers of Montenegro

Engagement in drafting laws and participation in international organisations' projects:
Engagement as expert of the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro:
- Law on Education in Judiciary
- Law on Free Legal Aid
- Law on the Protection of the right to trial within a reasonable time
- Court Rule of Procedure
- Judicial Reform Strategy of Montenegro 2008-2012

Engagement by the Supreme Court of Montenegro as a member of working groups to initiate amendments to the law:
- Law on Courts
- Law on Administrative Procedure
- Law on Salaries and other Incomes of Judges and Prosecutors

Engagement as expert of UNDP:
- during passing of the Comparative Analysis SALW Legislation in Montenegro (Compliance with EU Regulations)

Engagement as an expert in OSCE Mission to Montenegro projects supporting judicial reform:
- Comparative analysis of the legal framework for the fight against organised crime in relation to the crime of human trafficking, 2008
- Financial investigation in the context of the fight against corruption and organised crime, 2009
- Guide for journalists to Criminal Procedure, 2007 and 2011
- Directive for the Police to deal with cases of corruption reporting
- Frequency and justification of detention, 2013
- Report on the monitoring of enforcement proceedings in Montenegro, 2013
- Report on trial monitoring in civil proceedings in Montenegro, 2013
- Research on citizens' attitude towards mediation, 2013

Engagement as expert of the World Bank - IFC:
- Handbook for Training of Mediators, 2009

Engagement as expert of AIRE Centre London in making publications:
- The Principle of Transparency in the Work of Courts in Montenegro and the European Court of Human Rights, 2012
- Legal Capacity of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in the Montenegrin Law and InternationalPpractice, 2012
- The Right to Privacy in Montenegrin Legal System and European Practice, 2012
- Handbook for Law Practitioners: The right to Family Life, 2013
- Confiscation and Management of Assets Acquired Through Criminal Activity, 2013
- Prohibition of Discrimination: Legislation and Practice in Montenegro, 2013
- Right to Private and Family Life and Freedom of Expression, 2014
- Strengthening the Application of the European Convention on Human Rights at National Level
Engagement by the Association of Young Journalists of Montenegro:
- Guide to the Law on Free Access to Information

Published books and papers:
- Right to Freedom and Personal Security and the European Convention Detention Law, 2013
- Civil and Legal Aspects of the Protection of Personal Rights and Freedom of the Media, 2014
- "Principle of Openness as an Attribute of Justice," 2005, in "21 Stories of Democracy," Podgorica: Centre for Civic Education, p.63-72
- "Law on Weapons of the Republic of Montenegro: Compliance with European regulations," 2009, Belgrade: UNDP
- "Financial Investigations in the Context of the Fight against Organised Crime," 2010, in the Law Anthology, magazine for legal theory and practice, Podgorica: Association of Lawyers of Montenegro. 1-2/2010, p. 87116
- "Contribution to the Reflection on the Rational and Efficient Justice," 2003, Podgorica: Centre for Training of Judges of the Republic of Montenegro,

Editing publications:
- "Selected Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights I", 2009, Podgorica: Government of Montenegro
- "Selected Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights II", 2011, Government of Montenegro
- „"Selected Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights III", 2012 – Family Law-Rights of the the Child.“